4. Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition 2012

Probably the most comprehensive overview of China RVs on the web

Take exit 13 on highway G107 to Yun Gang

Traffic is a bit chaotic

Group picture with 21RV building in background

Another group picture in front of the fair poster

The exhibitor list, despite the 'International' in the fair name all in Chinese

And some other useful information, like a layout of the fairgrounds



A fully assorted shop

Located in the basement of the main building, this shop carries not only a full line of accessories but also spare parts.

We would have liked to spend more time here, maybe next time.

Direct link: www.rvshop.cn


Junqi RV

RV importer

Junqi RV is headquartered in Dalian and has branches in Beijing and Hainan. They import motorhomes and trailers from the U.S.A and Europe.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside so we can only show you the outside.

Direct link: www.jqrv.com


Red Ants RV Club

Beijing RV and outdoor club

Large club, lots of fun activities, very nice people (like all RVers of course), spontaneously invited us for lunch, interesting discussions, would like to spend a couple of days on the road with them

Direct Link: www.hwydlm.com

A Eurocopter is a 'Recreational Vehicle'? Why not?

More 'Flying things'

Italian company Piaggio presents its scooters


Jiazhuo Trailer

Homes for horses

Based in Changzhou, this company produces what looks like very comfortable traveling for horse and rider. Although it may not count as RV in the Western world it definitely is built for recreation

Direct link: www.jiazhuotrailer.com


Qixing RV

Nice looking western style RVs

We saw two RVs based on the JAC Sunray van, one in the Red Ants Club area and one on the fairgrounds, both manufactured by Qixing. The van had a certain similarity with the Mercedes Sprinter, the inside was modern, beautiful and bright.

We also saw lots of motorhomes based on Iveco, please look at the Red Ants pictures to see them.

Direct link to Qixing: www.hbqx.com.cn

Direct link to JAC: www.jac.com.cn

Direct link to Sunray: sunray.jac.com.cn

Old BMW copy with sidecar, beautifully restored

The old and the new

Lily tries out a big bike


Buerstner China

Importer of German caravans

Chengdu based Taiyi-Buerstner Industrial Trading Co., Ltd. is importing Buerstner caravans from Germany for many years. The general manager Huang Ping has lived in Germany and speaks fluid German. These are good conditions for selling one of Germany's market leaders in China.

Also importing Camp-let trailer tents.

Direct link: www.buerstnerchina.com


Hehe RV

RV importer

Hehe RV from Dalian imports U.S. motorhomes and luxury vans. Their show area was restricted to selected visitors. Unfortunately we were not allowed to look inside so we can not show any pictures.

Direct link: www.heherv.com


Hymer China

Europe's largest manufacturer

Hymer is Europe's largest RV company which produces not only under the name of Hymer but has several other brands. At this booth we could only find trailers.

This was the only booth that had rolled out the famous "Red Carpet" for the customer.

For some reason the link below did not work when the page was made, we will still post it, maybe it will work again later.

Direct link: www.hymerchina.com


Ezetil RV

Importer of Knaus-Tabbert trailers

Ezetil Beijing Trade company is importer of German made Knaus and Tabbert trailers.

Direct link: www.yizete.cn

It is recreational and it's a vehicle, so it's a RV!

Some real RV life could be found across the pond

An all-wooden house, but not a vehicle


AiwEi RV

Importer of Knaus-Tabbert trailers

Beijing based Aiwei RV with the beautiful domain name 'My RV my home' has several German made Knaus and Tabbert trailers on display.

Direct link: www.myrvmyhome.com



German Makers of fibreglass panels

World class quality fibreglass panels for RVs and trailers, first time on display in China.

High gloss surface, UV resistance, corrosion proof are just a few of the characteristics of these panels that can be used for RV roofs, sides and underfloor

Direct link: www.optiplan.de

How will this look in a few years from now?

What is this?

The small booths exhibiting accessories and components


Feishen RV

Importer of Dynamax(US) RVs

Based in Yongkang, Zhejiang, Feishen Group is located in the heart of one of China's manufacturing hotspots.

Feishen follows the much debated trend in China to display sexy girls to attract attention forgetting that this beautiful Freightliner cabin appeals much more to the RV enthusiast than any girl.

Leaves to mention that the Freightliner brand belongs to Daimler. It may sell better in China if it had the Mercedes star.

Direct link: www.feishen.com



Accessories company from Japan

High quality camping and caravaning accessories marketet under one logo, or should I say logos?

Direct link to Chinese distributor: www.logos-co.cn

Direct link to Japanese page: www.logos-co.com


Tingshen RV

Importer of Jayco(US) RVs

Another importer of Jayco RVs, the site was fenced so no pictures from inside.

Direct link: www.gotsrv.com

Beautiful colors of a.....

More booths with accessories and parts

A tank?


CTS Asset Mgmt Corp.

Subsidiary of CTS(HK)

CTS has large American trailers on display. With lots of slideouts to all sides it almost feels like in a house. All the comfort you can get.

We think CTS rents these trailers on campgrounds in China

Direct link: www.hkcts.com


Xiamen Yihong RV

Classgre RV from Yihong Group

Yihong Group, makers of SeaStella fine Italian style boats now presents a large RV to be use as office or for recreation. Very beautiful and luxurious interior, nice staff!

Direct link: www.yihongrv.com


Shan Yete RV

Importer and exporter in one

Shandong Shanyete Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. seems to import as well as manufacture and export. Imports are from Europe and U.S., export is to Germany.

We had some nice discussions with the open and friendly staff at the booth.

Direct link: www.sytrv.com

Eurocopter returning from a short sightseeing trip

It did get a lot of attention

Boats move and are recreational...


Fuji Camping Car Co.

Japanese company from Jiangsu

We were very pleased with this extremely compact and yet spacy RV based on a Nissan chassis.

Lots of extras made it very comfortable. The inside had a modern and bright design with a big bed at the end and a full dinette. Only the bunk bed over the cabin seemed a bit low.

Direct link: www.fujirv.com

Direct link: www.tets.co.jp


Genuine Marine

Marine accessories

Boating parts and accessories usually are of very high quality due to the wear and tear in saltwater environments and therefore make excellent accessories for RVs too.

Direct link: www.genuinemarine.com


Chuntian RV

Manufacturer of special vehicles

Chuntian RV had a large trailer and a motorhome on Iveco chassis on display.

The trailer had a lot of similarity with US trailers while the motorhome had mixed European and American styles. Both looked pretty well built

The booth staff was delighted about international visitors and asked us for an interview which of course we were happy to give.

Direct link: www.xierqiche.com



Maker of the Teardrop Trailer

Beijing based Sojourner makes trailers in the shape of a teardrop. The small trailers for resting and sleeping have a very comfortable interieur complete with TV and stereo.

There is a kitchen in the back for cooking. For the necessary power there is a small generator.

Direct link: www.ljzfc.com


Henan Futureshow

Van conversions and buses

Henan Futureshow shows two large buses and several vans, both motorhomes as well as luxury business van.

All interieurs are nicely and tastefully designed. The compact vans would be ideal for rentals.

Direct link: www.hnwzx.com



China's largest manufacturer?

Centech presents trailers, van conversions and motorhomes with a very European touch.

In particular we liked the finishing which indicates that Centech already has a long time experience.

Direct link: www.ztxrv.com



China's largest bus manufacturer?

KingLong shows one converted bus at this show.

The interieur presents pure luxus, mirrored ceiling, LED lighting, white leather seats, bar and all. More a rolling living room to have friends over than a RV. Definitely more for representing than for living.

Direct link: www.king-long.com


ZhongYi RV

Jiangsu Zhongyi Auto Co., Ltd.

This Nanjing based company produces trailers and motorhomes.

The motorhome with the slideout had a LED star ceiling and a built in wine rack. The staff was busy.

Direct link: www.jszhongyi.com



Major accessory provider

Dometic has a variety of product lines in which they are leading the market.

They are constantly expanding by purchasing other leading companies to widen their portfolio.

Direct link: www.movecool.com.cn

No worries, this is not a real police car

21RV may be the most popular RV site in China

An interview


Great Wall Motor

Great Wall Motor presents Wingle RV

Small RV on a pickup truck, compact and a beautiful outline.

Unfortunately no pictures from inside.

Direct link: www.gwm.com.cn



Beijing Ruilaike Auto Club

Ruilaike presents a large trailer, more intended for trailer parks than for towing around.

Unfortunately no pictures of the interieur

Direct link: www.ruilaike.com


Dalian Lakeside

Luxury business vans

Dalian Lakeside presents luxury business vans with comfortable seats and beautiful furniture.

This is intended as mobile office as well as meeting place.

Direct link: www.camping-rvs.com


Herun Outdoor

Outdoor furniture

Herun displays foldable outdoor furniture and tents.

Seems that green or camouflage is the preferred color.

Direct link: www.herunoutdoor.com

A car roof tent from Guangdong company UPAL

Sunday had the biggest crowds of people

And again, how will this look in a few years from now?


Beijing Goshen Co.

Technology for comfort

Beijing Goshen Technology Co., Ltd displays world famous Onan generators made by Cummins, USA.

Also on display is an air conditioner.

Direct link: www.gostech.cn




Outdooz displays tents.

I wonder if the 'Vehicle Life' in their logo is the result of a Google translation of 'Mobile Life'?

Direct link: www.outdoorz.com.cn


Zhongyu RV

Mercedes conversions

Zhongyu RV presents three vehicles, a luxury van and two motorhomes, all on prestigious Mercedes chassis.

Direct link: www.zhongyugroup.com

Where is Fangshan?

...and how do I get there?
Google maps
on image: 21RV building


...coming from Beijing

Fangshan is in the southwest of Beijing

Try to get on highway G107

Take exit 13 to Yun Gang, then stay on road for about 500 metres. Turn left and pass under highway. The fairgrounds is located right next to the highway.